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M.O.C.H.A. (Moms of Children who Have Autism) is a group created by moms!  Our goal is to create an avenue for moms to connect with other moms and have a place for our children to make friends in a safe, supportive, and accepting atmosphere. Most of our activities take place in Springfield, Missouri.  We have members from a lot of the surrounding areas as well!   We get together for mom's night out, where we are able to have a support system and form friendships with other women going through the same journey.  We also organize play dates and outings for our children.  We all know how difficult socialization can be and we strive to create an atmosphere where our children can form meaningful friendships and have fun at the same time!  We offer the best kind of support system, the kind only other moms can give!  If you would like to join M.O.C.H.A. feel free to contact us! 

Ashley Brummet   - Phone - (417) 299-5937

                              Email -  thebrummets@homesteadmountainfarm.com

Sheila Clark -     Phone - (417) 299-4736

                         Email - donaldandsheila@yahoo.com


Cathy Tong -    Phone - (417) 425-2296

                       Email -  haymes@earthlink.net